1. Born in Chicago, Il.
  2. Moved to the south at a young age New Orleans, and Eufaula, Ala.
  3. Went to four high schools.
  4. Lost virginity at ten years old by way of 23 year old woman (long story).
  5. Has two siblings and step siblings.
  6. Failed the 7th and 9th grade.
  7. Had sex with social study teacher in the 8th grade.
  8. Snuck and played jr high football when mother said no. Had auntie forge paper work.
  9. Started smoking marijuana at 9 years old, thanks uncle Larry RIP.
  10. Sold Marijuana at 15 years old.
  11. JJ was best cousin growing up teenage years.
  12. Gave mother hard time because wanting her back with pops.
  13. Got kicked out twice by mother at 17.
  14. Got kicked out indefinitely at 18, forced to live with pops.
  15. Was raped at 15 years old by mother’s boyfriend (Dark times).
  16. From 15 to 27 years old, couldn’t stand gay people because of the trauma of being raped.
  17. 1996 two twin gay chefs opened eyes showing all gay people aren’t bad.
  18. Went to two job corps
  19. Had many girl friends late teens early twenties.
  20. Had an uncontrollable crush for 5th grade sweetheart.
  21. First love at first sight ran away because of the words I love you was said early.
  22. Found 2nd love at first sight less than a year later.
  23. Hung around wrong crowds in a gang affiliated organization.
  24. First true love murdered in front of him.
  25. Boxing saved his life.
  26. Saw first loves murderer face before he too was killed.
  27. Was boo boo at basketball.
  28. Was a helluva boxer.
  29. Amateur record 67–13.
  30. Beats himself from time to time for not listening to his boxing coach.
  31. Has 3 baby mama’s.
  32. 4 children and 2 possibles.
  33. Loves to write and tell stories of different genres.
  34. After boxing, Played semi pro football Running back and strong safety.
  35. 6 failed relationship since prior to current marriage.
  36. First role in film was an extra on scream 2.
  37. First television claim to mini-fame was Mama Flora’s family.
  38. Glory road started his production career.
  39. Is a nymphomaniac .
  40. Dislike a lot because his mother took his son from him who was special need young at the time. Now deceased.
  41. Smokes weed when getting a chance to no matter how conservatives feel about it.
  42. Drinks beer from time to time.
  43. Thought of suicide a few times in life.
  44. Not religious, more spiritual.
  45. Worked odd and in jobs in between film business.
  46. A Poet (The Urban Psalmist)
  47. Was in the national guard and army reserves.
  48. Slept with over 50 women.
  49. Got married twice.
  50. Plays video games (Madden & The Last of Us)
  51. Loves to eat pussy.
  52. Depressed because of current living condition.
  53. Mr. Misunderstood.
  54. Is a Rihanna fan.
  55. Is a vegan.
  56. Has 5 children
  57. Gets annoyed by blatant stupidity.
  58. Fought Tarver at 21 and lost.
  59. Is Open minded.
  60. Is a Thespian.
  61. Suspense Thrillers is his favorite genre.
  62. Is an advocate for Marijuana
  63. Thinks nudity is great
  64. Loves everyone
  65. His life long crush of Nicole Snedecor has been the bane of his current situation.
  66. Was an alcoholic for a short period of time.
  67. Got fired from Rich’s, T.J. Maxx, ACSS security, Dark Knight (Film), Pushing Daisies (TV), and The Country Club (By water).
  68. Been through a lot of dark shit more than the average person.
  69. Loves the sixty nine but prefer doggy style
  70. Often wishes he had different parents
  71. Loved his sister at one point, love ceased after son died.
  72. Feels like a failure big brother to his Lil brother.
  73. Has many different voices.
  74. Hate being alone.
  75. Full of wisdom
  76. Blue moon is his favorite beer.
  77. Favorite food Quinoa
  78. Rolltide fan since 86
  79. Bengal fan since 1988
  80. Bears fan at birth
  81. Sugar Ray Robinson favorite boxer of all time
  82. Defense is as close to Mayweather that you think. (When in SHAPE).
  83. Loves working out with a purpose.
  84. Loses discipline easily when depressed.
  85. Lived in several states loving California and Minnesota the most.
  86. Has a below average dick size. (Not too below thank goodness, 5.5).
  87. His two favorite cities are Los Angeles, Ca. and Eufaula, Al..
  88. Misses Abiah from time to time.
  89. Want to start a foundation in honor of Orlando Wilburn - Wells.
  90. Favorite baby mama out of the three is the last one.
  91. Had five threesomes ever.
  92. Agrees with the polyamorous life style though is monogomus minded.
  93. Gets in trouble with wife for cyber connecting with female friends while some wording or bitmoji may seem like flirting.
  94. Happy about When the Bell Rings, yet disappointed.
  95. Loves his wife more than she may ever know.
  96. Has a hard time expressing love openly.
  97. Uses social media as an outlet to vent and speak his mind.
  98. Hate working a regular non film biz job.
  99. Always keeps his ego in check.
  100. Never have to beat around the bush.
  101. Jacks off a few times a week.
  102. Hates the secluded feeling.
  103. Known as a networking fool.
  104. Often underestimated
  105. Worked on the adult side of the film business as a production coordinator.
  106. Has many industry crushes, it’s natural. (Not that serious).
  107. Walks around the house naked.
  108. Had crabs at 17.
  109. Didn’t vote for the current or last POTUS.
  110. Had sex in places not common for having sex.
  111. Wrote over ten scripts.
  112. Epic failure at crowd fund campaigns.
  113. Burned his father basement down at 10 years old.
  114. Can rap a little.
  115. Stays away from his parents, not calling them or visiting so that if and when the unfortunate ever happens, it wouldn’t affect him.
  116. Really misses his son Orlando a lot.
  117. Regrets not turning pro with the opportunities offered in 1995-96.
  118. Ran a 4.5 forty in high school
  119. Hates that he and his cousin JJ aren’t close like the good ole days.
  120. Wishes he never left L.A. for Louisiana but the documentary had to be done.
  121. Was a sucker for a damsel in distress. (Not any longer).
  122. Was a small time street dealer.
  123. Was an OK Running back and strong safety.
  124. Can’t stand lazy people.
  125. Can’t stand bad teeth people.
  126. Love ass and titties.
  127. Loves to read.
  128. Love his wife children like his own.
  129. Hate being called a liar.
  130. Hate sitting with back to a window
  131. Seen someone die too many times.
  132. Brutally honest at times.
  133. Hate the feeling of having his back against the wall.
  134. Hates being the feeling of being leashed and chained.
  135. Had sex with a distant cousin.
  136. Almost got hood winked by a tranny.
  137. Almost became a writers P.A. for Sarah Conor Chronicles.Show got canceled.
  138. Shot someone before in self-defense
  139. Dislikes going to church.
  140. Used to practice Buddhism until moving down south. Faith got tested. Buddhism makes a lot of sense.
  141. Still have wet dreams every blue moon.
  142. Fears no one.
  143. Often gets depressed when not doing what he love to do.
  144. Likes cooking vegan food with wifey.
  145. Used to have a bad temper.
  146. Feeds off of when his posts, poems, his journey in life or writings get depicted wrong or misunderstood. Gives him an edge of wisdom.



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The Real Dino Wells

Who am I? I'm a journeyman in entertainment finally reaching my goals as an artist and building my fan base along the way. I just want you to be entertained.