Anybody who says marriage is easy needs a swift kick in the alpha sierra sierra. Part Two: Round two

The Real Dino Wells
5 min readFeb 18, 2024
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Mistake #2

Donald was bummed out because Lucina threw him on child support. He made ends meet by trafficking drugs from state to state in a rental truck and working that security gig.

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He and Gracinda started to date while he still technically married but she understood what’s going on and her role in his life. They had a good thing going.

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She introduced him into the world of swinging and polyamory life. That was right up his alley. They went to strip clubs together to pick out a stripper to take home and do threesomes with. He said they did a threesome a week and went to swingers parties once a month. One day she stated she wanted a threesome with one of his friends. He asked who? Me. He was like why but asked me and I told him naw man that’s your ole lady. We used to play Madden a lot, so one day he invited me over to play a game of Madden.



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