Anybody who says marriage is easy needs a swift kick in the alpha sierra sierra. Part ONE: 1st go round

The Real Dino Wells
7 min readFeb 15, 2024
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Based on a true story

I’ve known this guy Donald for a very long time, I was their when he got married with his first wife without a proposal. He was sort of forced into that marriage being that he made his then girl friend leave the man she was dating because she had his child. Her mother never liked Donald nor his life style, which was being a low level drug dealer.

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Donald didn’t have much of a formal education and only knew how to make money via selling dope. He also was an aspiring baseball player. He was very great at baseball just his grades kept him from being on a high school team. He was a pitcher, with an outstanding throwing arm. He ended up playing minor league ball for nearly a decade.

He eventually stopped selling dope and got his GED.

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After getting his GED, went back to playing minor league ball. He’s 24 years old earnibg the starting pitching job quicky. He’s dominating games and gaining some minor league fame. The ladies was all over him.

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He meets Lucina, she’s known as one the groupies coming with her friend Afopi, another beautiful but chunky groupie.

Donald broke his own abstaining rule and had sex with Lucina the 1st night they met. It was something he wasn’t used to because she cook him a dinner and breakfast, cleaned his apartment and massaged his aching body. He got used to it and start missing baseball practice and when there was a minor league game he didn’t perform well during a few games. He walked batters, had errors, and couldn’t strike out a match on a bad day.

He was eventually benched and cut from the team. He started selling dope again in a near by…



The Real Dino Wells

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