HINDSIGHT #130: Lust & Love…

Drifting in a cool breeze through experiencing different elements of life for what seems.

Choosey people comes far throughout being mental unstable. Love on many facets is willing and able. More fables, when you labled for not bringing food to the table. A lot of tricks in the stable, prices obsolete like cable.

Love ain’t free for all, all come with hand you downs. Love can get you played like a clown. Love ain’t lust because lust is temporary that equate to sound.

Don’t fall in lust while trying to love, identifying with what works and discern the ingredients and soar high as a dove.

~Meniskos The Great



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The Real Dino Wells

The Real Dino Wells


Who am I? I'm a journeyman in entertainment finally reaching my goals as an artist and building my fan base along the way. I just want you to be entertained.