HINDSIGHT #137: Had Enough


I’ve had enough of being broke. A lull in my career, certainly trying to cope, wonder why I ain’t turn like my pops and smoke dope… I have natural green from the Earth to suffice my mind. Yet this grind has come up short so many times. I take an unprecedented amount of accountability for the fuck ups that’s mine! Though there are sands that need to be drawn a line. Definitely being uncomfortable is part of my daily grind. Stress and depression nearly making a nigga blind. Monthly funds are gone before I can even truly enjoy a dime. It’s not a problem but covid has put a pause to my industry shine. I had enough of mediocre living. I had enough of not doing what I want to do in my industry time. I had enough of not having my foot traffic through the industry door. I had enough of fakers leading me on. I had enough of flakers playing with my dreams. I had enough of my past being thrown in my face. I had enough of being fed up. I had enough fuck ups in my life to pass along to at least 3700 other fuck ups. I had enough of waiting for change. I been had enough patience. I had enough of pussy in my life to where I settled and married a woman who doesn’t understand me. I had enough of not having enough positive shit to happen to me. I’ve had enough… part one!

~Meniskos The Great



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The Real Dino Wells

Who am I? I'm a journeyman in entertainment finally reaching my goals as an artist and building my fan base along the way. I just want you to be entertained.