You had enough of not having fun, and being the ass end of jokes with related puns.

You had enough of paying bills to be hella broke, part one. You had enough of not doing what you love to do yet you cope.

You had enough of noisy neighbors. And people that want to do you empty favors.

You had enough of being online an not getting verified… You had enough of being fed up with lackluster plans.

You have had enough with having to explain yourself through different scenarios of life.

You had enough of all talk and not walking that walk. That whole selling you a dream thing, to fuck you over and longer you along.

Tired of how people come with ideology’s against what you planned. Though change of situations are certainly in demand.

It’s funny how things aren’t close to what you expect. Had enough of being constrained. Had enough of being fed up. Had enough of being around people that don’t share the same interest.

Had enough of covid-19. Had enough of not having enough of bliss. Had enough of loud ass annoying people. Had enough of no listening people.

Had enough of people who plays victim. Had enough being around flakes. Had enough seeing people hurt.

Had enough being around that someone who hurt another for a mistake they may have done. Had enough of misinformed debating people.

Had enough of ignorant ass people. Had enough these weak ass movie sequels. Had enough baby Mama’s. Had enough of baby father’s.

Had enough of being second guessed. Had enough of lack of thrills. Had enough of your dumb ass. Had enough of living low class. Had enough living life too fast.

Had enough of eating meat. Had enough of eating sweets. Had enough of being fat. Had enough being skinny.

Had enough of not having plenty options. Had enough of wanna be’s. Had enough of being broke, part two. Had enough of having false hope.

Had enough of relatives and their fickle ways. Had enough of being sick. Had enough of shit being rubbed in face. Had enough of having a bad taste.

Had enough of not getting in words edge wise. Had enough lonely nights. Had enough of meaningless fights.

Had enough of working a 9 to 5. Had enough of 12 hours on 12 hours off Had enough of fame.

Had enough of shame. Having enough of not enoughs, is enough of nuff said. Had enough….

~The Real Moody Human



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The Real Dino Wells

The Real Dino Wells


Who am I? I'm a journeyman in entertainment finally reaching my goals as an artist and building my fan base along the way. I just want you to be entertained.