How living with Urban PTSD can take its toll on your mental:

The Real Dino Wells
2 min readDec 31, 2021

Photo by Eufaula High School, Al year book

A Sabotaged Soul is taught the residual effects and daunting elements of self-destruction.

Usually misguided with a vague outlook of life, uncommonly associated with some sort of generational curse. Often tethered to miserable circumstances that piles up like unwanted baggage. Carrying that burden day to day, week to week, month to month, and year after year.

Disgruntled on the inside trying to be an extrovert, yet alone deep inside with hollowed cries, echoing within the soul.

Each day trying to decompress from the stress of that horrific time and as time fly by causing the lull as you want to yell at the sky asking why thy bare such burden each day!

Each passing day you see the sunrise and write your reprise like a record skipping a beat to a unique tone towards a darken afternoon, soon inbedded with gloom while feeling the pressure like doom as the sun turns to moon as it’s synonymous to how you want to end it soon.

Passage to righteous but is often deem wrong. Strong feelings of despair coming from whom you trust and thought would be there but don’t care of your inner storm for they feel they’re right to throw at you your living plight, which that fight turns into a deeper transgression.

Confession of walking with grim as the time gets deeper, reoccurring visions subjected by you are your own reaper, sowing and internally dying while trying to live a normal life eternally crying gone dry. Living through PTSD and surviving, don’t ask me why. Just survive!

The Real Dino Wells

The Real Dino Wells

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