The Real Dino Wells
2 min readOct 8, 2022

Those difficult decisions ! (We make them all the time throughout life. Some are harder than others to make but we make them. It has to be the decision that will make your situation be a long peaceful outcome into the golden years, that you will sleep well knowing, yes it’s the right decision.)

Evaluate the factors that lead you to thoughts of moving on. (You have to have an open mind when putting all the pieces together in your final decision. It’s like playing jeopardy with the countdown music playing. Sweating to make that right possible life changing decision.)

Are feelings mutual? (Most of the time it is mutual while the situation that led to such decision brings uncertainty with the circumstances at hand. )

Is it one sided? Why? (On the flip side it can be one sided. Because one just want to be done with whatever the situation is no matter what.)

Can you reconcile? (Yes and no, depends on the severity of the situation that warrants the decision. Be the strong one to understand the situation and place yourself in a peaceful outcome)

Will you be happy? (Happiness comes from within! Only when it’s fully attained!)

Many questions to be answered. Evaluate your situation, then proceed with your decisions. No one knows better than yourself as to your situation. Trust in ONLY yourself!! No need to go to butthurt people outside living space to get clarity. No need to ask upon clairvoyants for any guidance because it’s like playing the lottery. All in all be mindful with your decisions. Have you made your decision yet? If you are in deep thought about it, consider the plus and minus evaluation and see what you get.

The Real Dino Wells

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