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Adrian Broner vs Blair Cobb for the peoples champ title award.

The Real Dino Wells
3 min readJun 8, 2024
Don king promotions round 5

From the opening round to round 6 Cobb has been dominating Broner. Cobb dropped Broner in the 2nd with a straight left down the pipe, Broner losing his mouth piece and a tooth.

We are at round 6 and Cobb still dictating the pace as Broner walking Cobb down but not throwing enough punches. Broner is getting beat to the punch.

Round 7 Broner trying to mix it up yet not throwing enough. Cobb smiles as he pieces Broner up.

Round 8 Cobb still dominating with Broner putting up somewhat of a lackluster fight. Broner playing catch up trying his best but Cobb is keeping him at bay.

Round 9 someone yells in the background knockout Cobb. AB is a shell of himself and lost his sense of making the adjustment. Maidana has took it from Broner.

Broner making a statement throwing some strong shots, yet peppering Broner with punches to the high guard. Broner may have edged round 9.

Tenth and final round, Broner trying to sell out the last round and Cobb making it difficult for him. Broner want to…



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