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A laundry list of marriage what the fucks…

The Real Dino Wells


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Married people, how do you deal or cope with someone that periodically or every blue moon feels the need to scorn you about post you write, likes you’ve made or meaningless comments to the opposite gender. You can’t be afraid to speak your mind!

If you’re married, how many times have you or your spouse yelled “I want a divorce?” during the duration of your marriage.

You have to do something great to keep up with the pacing of righteousness. What does that mean? The calm is always before the storm. The calm is like peace and serenity with an abundance of happiness. Then the pre storm comes when abundance becomes last without bliss.

The loom of doubt streaks with in the vibes, which turns to a precursor of non-confrontational scribes, elements attached with imbalanced security issues. That’s when the element becomes friction and doubt, it funnels into an erratic storm, completely engulfing the mood to where disbelief sets on two sides. Subliminally an internal shout!

The ride through the storm is more tedious than the initial problem, often warranting subsequent clout.

Make it make sense when the senses are in disarray, then what you say gets taken the another way, they be deep depths in there feelings from the misconstrued sway, that may be the make or break of love on levels that mark the day of the end of a new found era, love for each other with bonding guidance and understanding, Demanding, commanding…

Enhancing the thoughts of making it make sense. A laundry list of whoas.

Those who are deeply in love will eventually be in and out of unison.

It grew away within time while minds are secluded due to the shutin, quarantined in masses, while the mask is pulled from the who done ask is, marriage becomes ass kiss, or ass kicked mentally drained by past this and that, and this and a third. The word spoke is from the soul by many sheep by the Shepard ya heard……

The list goes on!

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The Real Dino Wells

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