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The Real Dino Wells


Photo by Coach Dino

This webseries show case five of Albany, GA hungry boxers from Beat the Streetz boxing Gym & Fitness; being coached by Non other than WBC Honorary World Champ Dino Wells and honorable Noble Kirk Elwood Evans.

Captain’s Keion “Gutz Almighty” Morris and Jacob “The Assassin” Henderson leads the way with their teammates, Victor “The Venezuelan Beast” Fuenmayor, Humberto “The Destroyer” Gonzalez, and Chris “Sweetfeet” Caldwell, for their big debut on March 2nd, 2024.

Photo by Dino Wells. 2024

There are a host of other up and coming fighters moving up the gym ranks looking awaiting their debut. They will be featured in the webseries but the series mainly focus on the new five kings of Albany.

Since the amateur departure of Haven Brady Jr. to the pros, he and his father Haven Brady Senior has paved the way for young fighters coming up. Haven Sr. sought the out the best work for Haven Jr. to be where he is today 11–0 as a professional and fighting March 29th in Atlanta.

Haven Brady Sr. also brought me in to build more champions with my background in boxing, the intense training I had, and tons of experience.

It’s destiny that led me here to Albany to give these guys and gals what I was taught. This is a new era in boxing, but you can not reinvent the wheel, but the wheel has been innovated. Boxing training and styles has changed over the decades and you still can’t shy away from the sweet science of boxing. I am an innovator yet I know what’s best for my fighters. I’m molding them to be who they are within their own style. Teaching them the fundamentals, defensively responsible, offensive production, and slick shit that’s permitted within their styles.

Coach Kirk is learning along the way, yet he’s a martial art guru that likes to incorporate karate martial art within certain boxing fundamentals working both sides of the brain of these fighters. I wasn’t fond of it in the beginning, but we make it work.

Haven Brady Sr. is my mentor and knows the business of boxing which I’m learning that from past experiences and seeing how he handle his business. Haven…



The Real Dino Wells

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