The Making of Champions Episode 1 You getting to know them

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3 min readFeb 21, 2024
By Dino Wells 2024

Episode 1 was an online bust. As exciting it is to film these guys in prepping for their debut, it’s still a bust. Yet, you still can get to know the five main fighters featured in the webseries.

You will get to know Victor now acting co- captain because of the co-caprain being upgraded to captain to an unfortunate injury to the captain.

~ Victor Fuenmayor known as “The Venezuelan Beast” he’s 21 years of age from Venezuela, a fierce boxer that’s actually learning the art and is getting good at it. He’s taking it to the next level in the gym. He’s learning sweet science, he has no fear, and he has lot to fight for. His back story is very interesting which you will find out in later episodes the reason why he’s hungry for this. And his story is very much super compelling.

~ Jacob Henderson, known as “The Assassin” he’s a teenager, 15 years of age with a heart of a lion. He’s fearless, loves to fight. He has come a long way from when he first started 6 months ago. He’s done so good in the gym that warranted him to be co-captain which he’s now upgraded to captain because of that unfortunate injury of the captain.

~ Keion “Gutz Almighty” Morris, he’s 19 years of age, self taught boxer that’s been in the gym for nearly a year, mainly trained himself until. Coach Dino came on to bring him and the team to championship status. His story is unique and you will learn more about him in upcoming episodes.

~ Humberto “The Destroyer” Gonzalez, he’s 19 years of age from Guatemala. He’s a hard fighter self taught for most part and now learning the discipline, defense and the art of punching aspect of boxing. He has champion like charisma already and he hadn’t even fought his first fight yet. You will learn more about him too.

Last but not least,

~ Chris “SweetFeet” Caldwell, he’s a 19 years of age college student that has remarkable talent. Super Athletic yet super hard headed when it comes to defensive responsibility and amateur pacing when sparring. He has a lot to build on. He love the sport of boxing a lot and his back story will be addressed in a future episode. He’s all the intangibles to be great once he gets out of his own way and not always rely on his athletic quick feet all the time.

There you have it, the five future kings of Albany, GA. Getting ready for their amateur debut on March 2nd.

Checkout the webseries here by clicking this underlined sentence.

It only gets better from him and Rome wasn’t built in a night.

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