Beyond the crimson door

The Real Dino Wells
3 min readJun 9, 2024
Photo by Vincent Branciforti on Unsplash

Gracey uncovers a dark history about the mansion and her family’s sinister past. She realizes she’s not alone and that something evil from her past is manipulating her perceptions……

Gracey’s opens her eyes and find herself in a strange, unfamiliar, yet similar place.

It’s the early 1800’s. She is standing back to the RED DOOR looking straight out at a field, surrounded by tall trees and a field with slaves working in the hot sun.

But something was off. There’s a little white girl sitting with some lite skinned negro children. The air was thick with the scent of musty arm pits. Gracey could hear the distant sound of chains clanking.

She turns to see three slaves being whipped by an overseer all chained to a tree.

As she look around, she see two figures in the distance. One is her great great grand mother dressed in pristine women’s clothing. The other was Emily, standing a short distance away. Gracey eyes are fixed on the little white girl playing with two negro kids.

Gracey’s mind race as she try to understand what she was seeing. Was this a dream? A vision? She looks down at her feet…



The Real Dino Wells

I'm a multifaceted creative writer and poet with a unique blend of skills. I know how to bring words to life. I'm always seeking to spark meaningful convo.