Beyond the Crimson Door

The Real Dino Wells
3 min readJun 11, 2024
Photo by Ankit Manoharan on Unsplash

In a desperate bid to escape, Gracey finds a useful artifact, unleashing a terrifying entity that seems to be part of her own dark reflection. The entity chases her through the dimensions, leading her to a shocking revelation.

Gracey exits from the big red doors into a large room where she see her naked teenage self having sex with a naked lighter color slave, known as a “house nigger” on a mid size mattress with no covers.

The older Gracey looks in aw as the slave drills her from the missionary position.

“Gracey,” a male calls from the distance.

The teenage Gracey sits up in the bed, pushing the house slave aside. She encouraged him to put his clothes on. He rush to do so as as the door to the room opens. A tall white man wearing 1820’s attire notices Gracey and the slave half way putting his close on.

Teenage Gracey face turns to pure shock and fear and points at the house slave.

The tall white man in attacks the house slave in rage throwing him into the hall way.



The Real Dino Wells

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