Beyond the Crimson Door

The Real Dino Wells
3 min readJun 12, 2024
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Continuation of where Gracey left off.

Gracey sees herself as an old lady. The room has no floor and it looks like space. One mirror is like a movie screen reflecting her as a judge sentencing a black man life in prison. The black man’s family is in an uproar screaming about his innocence.
Gracey air walks her way to a new set of doors. She makes it through and finds herself in a room of 100 black slave men shirtless, most were hung, beaten or burned to death.

Gracey's eyes widen in horror as she takes in the gruesome scene before her. The slaves' eyes bore into her soul, their silent accusations piercing her heart. She feels the weight of her family's sins bearing down on her, the karma she had accepted now manifesting in this haunting vision.


The slaves turn and walk towards the two set of red doors, and chose the door to the left.

Gracey finds herself facing a single figure - A slave ancestor, Great Great grand father Horace Griggkin, the one who fought against slavery and was killed at his own plantation by evil family members. He sneers at her, " I am your family, You should have denied your karma, Gracey. Now you’ll join us in this eternal torment."



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